Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nashville Country Music Marathon

Okay, 1/2 marathon. That's 13.1 miles.... Yippy!

Haley flew in from Rochester, NY with her friend Jamie and what a team!! They've got my psyched to do another race already! When Haley arrived on Thursday, I'd already had a long week and lots of hip pain. I wasn't sure I'd be able to run, but couldn't tell myself no. So we carb-loaded Friday night before the race, thank you Cheesecake Factory. And Saturday came very early. Having never run a marathon before, I was surprised when Haley wanted to leave the house at 5:30am to get to the field that is only 20 minutes from my home (race starts at 7). Luckily she's had enough experience to save us from closed roads, crowds and limited parking. 32,000 people ran the Marathon and half marathon. Lesson 1: Keep your arms and legs inside your bubble for the first 7 miles.

I loved all the bands playing throughout the course and tons of neighbors and well-wishers cheered us from the sidelines for all 13 miles. Residents and local shops sliced fresh oranges and passed out little candies to runners. That tootsie-roll saved me on mile 11. (That's right mom, Tootsie rolls are now officially runner's food :)

Needless to say, I won't ever struggle to beat my first time, but I'm so glad I was able to finish!! I'm hoping Jen and Nick will run with me next year....

Monday, April 21, 2008

ER + stolen cell phone = crazed mommy

Savannah woke up from her nap yesterday (Sunday) with a fever of 103.5. When I went for the Children's Tylenol in my bathroom I discovered the formerly new and unopened bottle empty on the floor...

I ran out to the living room to ask Savannah if she'd eaten them, to which she replied "yes because I was hungry". How fast is my math...? 30 fast melt tabs at 80mg each...

I called Poison Control, Nick, my neighbor and then was off to the hospital at 85 mph.

Nick who was on call at the VA raced to Vanderbilt Children's ER, registered Savannah before I even pulled up and we were seen within 60 seconds of our arrival. Less than 30 min. later we had the results back from S's blood and urine. The toxicity was low enough to not have to be treated (for 3 days of iv). So she didn't eat all 30 tabs...maybe flushed them? We were discharged and home by 10:30. I couldn't even think about resting till I finally caught my breath at 1am.
I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in preserving my child's life. I can not imagine life with out her, and apparently Tylenol overdose = liver failure = death. For right now I'm just counting my blessing and giving S all the attention and love I can. At 12:30 last night I took EVERY ounce of medicine in our house, put it in a adult-proof tackle box on the highest most-Everest-point of our closet shelves. Children's vitamins on top of fridge.

So somewhere between the car and ER my cell was stolen. Stolen because obviously the person making calls to Timbuktu doesn't want to answer it anymore. This has been an expensive night out and I'm pooped.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my train of thought...if you can follow.

I'm busy, AND deeply happy.

I was inspired by a comment my mom made to Cordell (who was just in town) who in turn made it to me (in regards to my lifestyle). It went something like "Mom thinks you'll be crazy and stressed out, but that you'll have fun too." And it's true, I was stressed and crazed. But that moment hit me like a ton of bricks. My consistent lack of planning/time management was all that stood in the way of my happy-stress free smile.
So I got down to business right after he left town and spent 2 days in active-organization-mode to get my calendar, church callings, volunteer work, kid's lessons and husband's work schedule in harmony with one another. My family is my first priority: I'm a daughter of God, wife, mother, sister/daughter, that order.
This new focus has brought about some seriously happy changes: Scripture study has depth. My house stays clean. I'm not rushed when I'm getting out the door. I'm enjoying talking on the phone more. I'm looking forward to a few dinner dates next week and my kids seem more peaceful. And obviously, I have time to blog. I seriously want Rivka to see it all, she'd be so proud of me. (I've always admired her spirit of peace that is amazingly energizing and renewing...)
I'm only sorry it took me several years of motherhood to grow into this mind set. I think Heavenly Father has given me an added measure of energy and new perspective to help accomplish this organization of home and mind. As I unplugged the tv today I repeat to myself: "I contribute, not consume".

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Everybody wants a piece!

I think this activity lasted longer than Cordy's triceps. What a work out!!

Breakfast at the Pancake Pantry...everybody loved his shirt.
"I think, therefore
I'm conservative."

Cord and I had the Paradise Pancakes (Keith Urban's favorite) and La and S shared "polka-dot" pancakes with m&m's......yummm!!!

S keeps telling me she loves "Unky Cody so much".

S and C pick out "big buks" (bugs) at Rainforest Cafe.

Then we all visit the hippo...

We'll miss you Cordell...come back soon so we can practice all our ninja stunts on you again!

DAY TWO with Uncle Cordell!

I was babysitting on Monday so we took the whole gang to the Adventure Science Center!!
I think Cordell got more than he'd bargained for...

"Blood Pressure Rising" with Lauren

(he's such a good sport)

Laser tag with tots

Bringing all 4 kids was good birth control for this 16 year old stud.

"After we tour the brain, it's nap time guys" ~Cordy

Uncle Cordell is here!! DAY ONE

Uncle Cordy is here and the weather is fine! Let's give him a tour!
It's so pretty out side...don't you just love the view Uncle Cordy?

I even wore my new dress for church...

And then we read scriptures for the rest of the day!

Easter Morning!

Good Morning early birdies!! Go find your baskets...

The Easter bunny sure is getting clever...

"Mommy, the Easter bunny knew just what I wanted!!"

(Hannah Montana is our latest obsession)

S got Hannah Montana's best friend Lilly, but liked her Ariel panties the best.

This was the Saturday before Easter. The girls wanted to surprise daddy with blueberry muffins in bed.