Friday, February 29, 2008

We SCREAM!!! for ice cream!

We're learning about water, ice and snow it's only natural to make ice cream so we can see how things freeze! Everyone is eager for their turn to help!
"If I squeeze it...will it pop?!"

"It Pooted!"

Homemade ice cream for everyone...except Drew, who pushed his away...

...apparently there were not enough sprinkles on it. Help yourself wugzie!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Tennessee Snow Story

It's snowing out side! Lets get our coats, gloves and hats on...and all the Kindermusic stuff!
Oh it's so fun! All 1/8 of an inch of it!

First snack of the day.

The sky is falling!!

Making daddy a treat for later...

"Mommy, it's frosting...I need sprinkles" says Savannah.

Savannah (-gloves) = disbelief that anything in TN could be this cold.

10 minutes after playing outside --she's camped out on the heating vent.
We're the official snow wimps of the season. March's trip to Idaho should be interesting.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tennessee Tornado(s)

Lauren behind the camera. This is her art project today.

Lauren up on my bed with the camera, I told her not to make me look fat...or old.

My brilliant catch as Lauren falls off the bed while taking my picture. I saved the camera, but La got a little bump.

Thank you so much to every one for the calls and emails!! We're just fine and really appreciate having you all to look out for us!! Thank you for making us feel so loved!
Nashville survived, but the people an hour North of us were not so lucky. The local news even reported a baby who had been thrown 400 feet and survived (who is now motherless). We are just so thankful for our blessings and the constant presence of the Lord in our lives.

We did a few fun things today. Lauren made some new art work for me and Savannah went potty for me. Nick took the kids this morning while I got a FREE hair cut at this amazing 5-star salon here and had a FREE make-over. I took a picture to prove it! The hair cut is by master stylist Elle Anderson (who I've made good friends with through church). She's got me hooked now. And the make over was by Therapeutic Systems (amazing skin care line). I don't think you can see the make up very well, but it was super fun!

Friday, February 8, 2008

These are my mornings.

I get a gym work out before I even get to the gym. 7AM is official happy-hour in the Stowell house: complete with discount juice drinks, dancing and loud music. Mom, this is why we've gone "sugar free".

This morning made me remember all the fun times I had with my cousins in Houston and Idaho. I wish La and S were around their cousins more. It broke my heart every year to say goodbye to my cousin Nancy at the end of their Idaho vacation. I read through my old high school journal last week and found a bit about how Nancy was one of my 3 most favorite people...still true!! I just want La and S to have the same least they have each other!

6:30 AM to 7 AM

Monday, February 4, 2008

my numbers have changed

It's not often a married girl can flaunt her digits with out getting into trouble, but I really must tell you all my good news. I went to see my PCP (about a recurring hip problem) and before I even saw him the nurse tagged me for a "runner".
I have to tell you, she did appear to be far sighted.
"Why would you say that?" I ask (she had not only seen me tip the scale but then chose to over look the pudgy digits).
She then tells me that my vitals gave it away. Yippy me, it really is the inside that counts!
My resting heart rate is now 60 and my blood pressure is 90/60 (it's always been 110/70). Only a twentysomething (who's in the shadow of her thirties) can appreciate this breif moment when all desperate thoughts of anorexia, lypo and HydroxiCut fade away to this one truth...the running works. However, the crunches are an entirely different matter.