Thursday, June 25, 2009

Build-a-Bear! We must be with Nana!!

Our annual summer trip to the farm is always a hit with the girls. We get to see cousins, Nana & Papa, "silly Uncle Cordy" and go to Build-a-Bear!!

We stayed a few days in Park City where the outlet clerks got to know us on a first name basis. In an effort to ware out the kids we took them to Paint me Mine, a paint your own pottery studio. They had a huge selection that brought us back the next day begging for more!

(A sad attempt at cousin pictures... but we tried!)

Lauren zooming down down Nana & Papa's driveway...can you just imagine how fun this would be in a sled at Christmas time?!

by the end of our stay bravery won out trepidation and Lauren was coasting half way down the driveway...

...on the pink panther.

Taking over the Oval Office at Logan's American West Heritage Center. Everyone's personality shines through when in play... see here how Lauren is in charge and Savannah is the court jester?! True story.

Lilly, the belle of the ball.

oh, Paisley! Are you in trouble again?

And Meggy our little chalk dispenser...or chalk eater?