Friday, August 24, 2007

A Week of PLAY...

Lauren woke up this morning and wanted to play right away. She is my eternal sunshine, always ready with a smile and kiss to anyone who is willing to tote her around piggy-back style.

Our new friends Sienna and Colby came to play "Princess Doctors". Colby was such a good sport and let the girls administer shots and medicine liberally.

Lauren, in search of Jacob, has finally found a new buddy. She loves Henry and sword fighting and playing Peter Pan together. Savannah and Emma (Henry's little sister) are the same age too. S had fun at Emma's birthday bash and requests strawberry cake for her own party.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Up to our old antics!

What you can't see is how she had an empty bottle of Biolage ($!) behind the toilet (it's content in the toilet) and the watermelon scented kids shampoo all over the floor and tub...only then did she get into the tub to "worsh".

I'll never go out to the mailbox by myself again.

Queen M comes to town

Queen M came in from Tampa to visit the second week of August. She came baring gifts of water paints, Bonniebell and jeweled head bands...the girls can't wait for her to come back. This of course was perfect timing for me to tour Nashville with her (in searing 101 degree heat). We made our way around town, spotted the Wild Horse Saloon and became familiar with 4th street (our common turn-around spot). We saw Ryman Auditorium and several tourist traps along the way...bottled water being the biggest purchase of the day. The Opry Hotel was my favorite (self-guided) tour where we saw the fountain show, smelled a variety of restaurants and danced through a few gift shops with Elvis. Lauren wanted to swim in the Nashville Temple's water fountain...I told her "yes honey, when your 12." Some joys can not be measured.

Friday, August 10, 2007

President James E. Faust

President Faust passed this morning and as news spread I couldn't help remembering all the loved ones I have missed these last few years. As I was pondering I imagined President Faust's welcome he was receiving in heaven. What an amazing experience death is for those of us who know and love our Savior. I have never felt such peace.
I am so thankful for President Faust's message and testimony. I have always felt his humility and love for people all over the world to be an attribute I'd like to emulate. His council to "know the Savior" has inspired me and I am so grateful for his years of service in our church.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Twinkie Contest!

It just isn't a real Hull reunion without a Twinkie eating your Sunday best of course. Aunt Kathy managed to squeeze it in at the very last moment after our Sunday service at the cabin. Now of course I don't have any messy girls have never seen a twinkie before in their lives and had no idea what to do with it.
Cousin Lilly got a new puppy...Or rather it's Nate's new hunting dog, so of course it had to have a proper name...Lilly's version is "Lulu puppy". Poor Nate is going to die of estrogen poisoning, I just know it.

Lauren claimed Paisley as her new pet. We couldn't go anywhere with out her...too bad she couldn't come home in a carry-on. We just love that little wugzie.

Guess who was too busy cook'n to get their hair done?
Well that's a first, huh?

Not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but what a show!!

And what does Aunt Jen feed them...nothing less than lasagna folks. It's a no shirt kind of meal. I left wondering if we'd upset the delicate balance of a pregnant mother just beginning to cope with the reality of having 2 little ones. However, I'm sure the pile of laundry we left her will aid in the transition of mother-of-one to zoo keeper. No.2 changes everything!!