Monday, October 27, 2008

Gentry's Farm

The girls and I were up early on Saturday to host our VHA trip to Gentry's Farm. We had a great turn out and enjoyed every minute...except the part where the camera battery died.
Can I just tell you all (again) how much I want a new camera, one that likes me.
Picking sunflowers! This field hadn't bloomed yet but S likes the "ugly" ones (aka: weeds)

Hay Maze after the hay wagon ride!!

Sunday with our pumpkin. We've lived in our home for almost 2 years and the ward has split twice now! We only have Sacrament Meeting for the next 2 Sundays which leaves a lot of free time!

Daddy's final creation! Sorry your missing S's sound effects!
"ooooohhhh oooooohhh!"

Papa comes to party

Papa came to town and it was one big party! Lots of Princess stories,
parties at the park...

(dad even helped me clean up after the VHA event!)

Chick-fil-a for lunch, face painting for dessert...

and a moon walk if you'd like to see it all again!

shortcut haircut

yep, did it myself! that curly hair sure is forgiving!

State Fair


lots of games,

feed the whole petting zoo,

'' Mom, I eat carrots too!"

Then take home our very own gold fish!
Thank goodness for daddy's skills. We just couldn't leave without a pet!