Monday, December 22, 2008

Grinch in ICE

This is our 2nd year visiting the Grinch in ICE at Opryland Resort. As they take your tickets, we each get a heavy "freezer" coat to add to our ensemble. Then they stand you in front of a green screen to take a group picture... the coat adds 5 lbs and the camera 10...

Hypothermia is slowly achieved but thoroughly effective in this winter wonderland of ice. The runny noses and blurred vision only enhance the vibrant colors and textures of the sculptures. EVERYTHING is made of ice, seriously. Even the Grinch's eyelashes.
The spirit of Christmas is never so well understood. Little ones come to appreciate their most basic blessings and imagine how it may have felt to be born out side and only have swaddling clothes to keep you warm.

...but see girls, bunk beds aren't so bad.

The biting temp keeps the walk through tour at a brisk pace. Our tickets were free from Vandy (see friends, come here!) so we didn't have to get our arm and legs worth. Anyhow it only cost us a few fingers and toes, but we'll have the memories forever.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Okay. Not so photogenic.
but there is a point...
Just after Savannah was born I spent several weeks with my parents in Idaho while Nick did a 6 week rotation away from home. While shopping with my mom I found these amazing Ecco shoes. I even remember the price. Mom bought them for me saying you couldn't put a price on good shoes. ...well of course not.
These shoes have really taken me places. Today they bring gratitude to my heart for the many people I've met and the blessing of a loving and attentive family. Especially my mother who always knows the solution to every problem (even if just in theory).
Mom, I still think about you every time I put on these shoes. Really. You continue to teach me, inspiring me to better myself and to look for the beauty in everything. As a girl, when I clicked across the floor of our Teakwood home in your church shoes, I couldn't have imagined a better fairy tale childhood than what you made for me. Thank you for the blessing of perspective and down right overly creative imagination. I love you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in the Barbie house!

S likes to do her helmet haircut. After I spent the morning curling it she went into the bathroom, wet it down and combed it all out... this is the post nap-I-got-into-trouble picture.

Brady and Drew gave L lots of fun mini Christmas decorations for her Barbie house. They spent all morning organizing the trees, presents, string of lights and wreaths all over the Barbie mansion.

Dr. Hull, I can floss all by myself!

more cute-ness!!

Post wet-my-hair-down picture... found her hiding in the dryer. That's a first. At least she was smart enough to bring her own light.

Our home made gingerbread house! I spent 2 days baking gingerbread for our Christmas party. The idea was a big hit and I've got requests for bridges, ski lifts and steeples for next year.

We decorated this one at Nick's department party. I'm glad we had a little practice, those doctors aren't competitive or anything ;)
I ran out of steam after Nick made the "car port". All of the sudden we went from a vintage white Christmas to white-trash gingerbread yard...
Just wait until next year PG3!! I'm doing my research!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

J. Eyring

Hey Janet, let me on your blog!! I'm I'm can't wait to see your cute Christmas cards this year!

FYI Janet is my old bud from Wymount!! And the amazing author of 101 More Things to do with a Slow Cooker - AMAZING recipes!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Doll Party!

Katherine and Sophia dive into the cupcakes...even the dolls had little taste!
The girls had fun making bracelets and putting them in their party favor boxes. Lauren and I had filled the boxes with mini gummy bears, tiny gum balls, stickers and anything else we could find in miniture doll sizes.

Macee having her doll's lemonade, yum!

Time to open presents...thanks for all the fun stuff!!

A before picture...

making bracelets for pretty girls and their dolls!

It never looks quite as cute in the picture, but I was so proud!! after picture :)

Grandma & Pa Stowell come to town!

We surprised Lauren on her birthday by making an quick trip to the airport...what could it be?
She was so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Stowell she was SPEECHLESS! whoa!

Savannah says the surprises keep getting better and better!

The newest Tinkerbell fan! Thanks Grandma!