Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple Days

My Mom is having apple days at school with her first graders and Lauren has decided to participate too. We're eating apple sauce, drinking apple juice and planting our apple seeds. We're off to a near by orchard to pick apples next week...I'm always amazed at how this little 3 year old takes an idea and runs with it. We were only allowed to read "apple books" at the library today and I'm sure we'll have diarrhea later...
Thanks mom!

Miniture Burke and Rivka!

This was too cute to pass up. I'm sure you have all heard by now, but here is little Kate Isabella O'Neal in all her glory! Looks like she got those killer Rivka lips, lucky girl!!
Way to go B & R, those are some darling munchkins!!

Baby in a basket!

Little Ayanna is here, and she didn't come quietly! She packed her bags and came early (34 weeks). 1 emergency c-section and 10 days later they're all at home and doing well. Love to the Jaboin Family!

Monday, September 24, 2007

We're at the Parthenon!!

Nashville's Centennial Park has everything.......including the Parthenon. The building is a full scale repleca including the 42 foot statue of Athena. Oh the joy.

Primary Program

Our little sun-beam, Lauren, did a wonderful job with her part in the primary program. She was the only one in her class who could see over the wall on the stand and into the congregation. She sang along (and at least knew the last 3 words of every line after the first verse) and had her scripture memorized perfectly! Then we called Grama to tell her all about it. Yippy

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh Sunny Day!!

Congratulations M & M on your little Ella! She is the most beautiful little doll!
We're so excited to hear about all your little adventures...better get blogging!

Tenn. State Fair!

Lauren wins fastest corn-dog eating contest...and it was a foot long!
Purple cotton candy next...then a quart of fresh lemonade...the treats were great!

Pony rides are $5 per kid and then a fat sweaty man takes you around the ring 5 times. I was ticked. Lucky for cheese-man that my husband was there cause I was about to be the mommy from.... I mean, come on!! A dollar for one circle on a pony? How could this guy live with himself---cheating little children on pony rides? I'm certain that the Lord has a special place for people like that.

Yet both girls agreed that the ponies were the highlight of the trip.

The petting zoo had little bags of sliced carrots for $1 to feed the animals. Fearless Savannah went through the bag pretty quickly while Lauren reserved her veggies for the animals that no one else was petting or feeding. She has such a tender heart for the underdog.

The goats figured out pretty soon after that she didn't have any food left, but Savannah mercilessly held out her hands to any animal she could get her arms around for a hug.
Darin Richardson, a local photographer has lots of pics of the girls his site:
When you get to his page;
1. Click on the drop-down bar "Most Recent Events" (next to Featured Events)
2. Select "Wednesday-Sept. 12"
3. Look on page 2 and 3 for pics of the girs

It's all fun and games!

Blast from the past...S and my old Light Bright! And she's really great at it. I think we've found a new way to learn all of our colors!
Frosting...need I say more?

Savannah got a new train for her birthday to go with her geo-tracks and we've been building towns, new railways and sacrificing polly-pockets on the tracks. You could only imagine the countless ways to incorporate barbies, plastic jewelry and squirt guns in our "Wild West".

Saturday, September 8, 2007

It takes 2 baby...

Savannah had a blast at her Paint Party (after arriving fashionably late from a much needed nap)!! We painted everything; the fence, grass, cupcakes, and ourselves!!
I couldn't have done it without my co-hosts....Ava and Lauren got the party started and helped mix the kids shaving cream into frothy colorful mountains.

Eventually everyone joined in the fence painting...but the photographer was busy making paint palettes for guests.

Buckets to rinse brushes or wash hands....or hose children down.

I know you're all wondering were all the pictures of Savannah are...this is her party right? Let me just say this: It really does take two baby. Nick left Friday morning and arrived late to the Saturday afternoon party after a lovely 34 hours at the hospital. Gotta love the SICU. So between two rather sleep deprived, hard working, parents-of-a-truly-two-year old ...there don't seem to be many pics...but that is what memories are for I suppose. So I truly mean it when I say, "Wish y'all could have been here!" The only picture I got of the food, and it was so much cuter when I had it all out...just use your imagination. It was something like the feast in Peter Pan (played by Robin Williams) has in Hook after he learns how to fly. Remember that?? With the crazy food fight at the end??


Eating "princess" tooth least she'll have strong teeth and bones!