Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heaven, I'm in heaven...

Nana got us (yes, me too) a Barbie Dream House. I had one when I was little and it's the favorite memory of our Heatherwick house. Mom always had the best ideas for Barbie's excursions!

This "dream" house comes complete with third story media loft (we have ours on the floor for safety reasons), flushing toilet, door bell, stove and wait for it....

...spinning washer and dryer!!! Plus, with all the accessories Nana got, we all have scooter to ride, ponies and 18 pairs of shoes. Oh life is sweet!

Lauren wants her Aunt Ashley and Tiffany to come play, and bring all their Barbie stuff too!!
What about Caroline you ask? "She might make a mess" says Lauren. (Don't worry, La doesn't want to share with Savannah either)

And if Lauren does share, Savannah gets the 9 square inch detached media room---minus all the cute little accessories that might get chewed or lost. Sounds like preventative measures for a puppy.

Thanks for our Barbie house! You can come eat plastic eggs and bacon with us anytime!

The Best POP ever!!!

It was a theme Father's Day... Pop culture, pop rocks, pop corn, pop (soda) and then we popped a million kisses on our best pop's face!

Always a family walk on Sunday...
After breakfast for our "pop" of course!

Complete with 12 second neck massage from S.

Pop culture? Sure, why not?

Yippy for J, E & C!!!

We love you all so much!
An Eternal Family
June 21, 2008
Jeremiah, Erica and Caroline

Did you RSVP? Nana is in town!

I'm sorry, we don't seem to have the accommodations for you...Did you RSVP? This is a members only club. Perhaps you'd like to check with the boys next door, they're not picky when it comes to party attire. Just be sure to bring your light-saber.

I suppose we could make an exception this one time. One of our alumni seems to have forgotten her panties, so you won't feel too out of place.

Next, on to the nail salon where the conversation is bright and so are the colors...I didn't know they still made green nail polish, charming.

Truly, we enjoy such intimacy with all the best society of the south. We always get the best tables and you should see the desserts! Thank heavens Nana was here, Lauren finally learned to cross at the ankle not the knees. Our parties last for hours, so comfort is of the utmost import.

We'll do our sea bathing in August. The joys of the YMCA are not to be overlooked. Where else can you get ice cream sandwiches for a quarter? We passed on the Bar-B-Cutie, but managed to pick up some Tiffany's. That is one classy Nana, who really knows how to cut loose!

We miss you this many!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Retinue

My sticky little entourage gets hosed down at the pool. Not the break I was expecting, apparently you still have to bathe them even after submersion in chlorine.

Nick came to the pool to help. That's right folks, its anesthesia this month. Office hours 10-2 (with a 2 hour lunch break), right Burke. Geeze, why couldn't life always be like this? The girls have their daddy and I've finally got my maid back. That laundry just doesn't do itself you know.

Besides, I have much more important shaping the young minds of our future. Cheers, Nick. We'll have you thankful for 80 hour weeks in no time :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deemed Worthy

Cherrybrook Kitchen is a new fav. We just had the fudge brownies and YUM! No allergies in this house, just aspiring vegans (make that vegan, as in one). Yes, that's right...more ammunition for Jen. I've been headed this way since childhood. Retreating from Nemo, Wilbur and Henny-Penny with upturned nose. I am the Anti high fructose corn-syrup, sugar free mommy every kid misunderstands. And yet mine are still happy. Treats are obviously still a part of our world. This has been a difficult transition in that I'm the Lone Ranger here, but Nick is being patient as I add meat to their dishes, cook with twice as many pans and introduce countless new foods. Rachel's yogurt will be my demise...always a work in progress.
You must try the cherry black currant flavor, it's like having dessert!