Saturday, January 26, 2008

My contribution to society (for today at least).

"ink blots"

"helping" hands in the kitchen...

Savannah made art with sprinkles.

My dad can do anything. Jen and Rach would agree, as children we would have never thought dad was anything less than super-human. It was evident in the garden/lawn, early morning seminary lessons, corrected Algebra homework, neatly folded laundry (socks folded in perfect square pairs -still a signature trademark) and our numismatic negotiations. Debate was fruitless, but good practice.

As I've matured, I appreciate more his roll as one of the two defining male relationship of my life. His implacable integrity compels me to seek truth; to read, learn and serve. Cord told me last Christmas, "You wouldn't believe all the stuff he knows!" While dad would be the first to admit imperfections, he's backed by one of the most convincing and powerful women of our times (mom) who would say he's still a 20 on a 10 scale. And this man always tells me I'm doing the most important work...remarkable.


I just had to share. Sorry Julie, the absence of anything "gourmet" here may cause nausea.
Nick just got home from a 30 hour shift at the hospital. I was excited to hear about the big dinner he'd had with all the ENT Resident applicants last night (these are nice little parties, let me tell you). Being extreemly fatiqued however, he changed out of his scrubs, kissed us girls and went right to bed.
I came into snuggle for a minute and commented to Nick that his hair smelled like BBQ.
"Well, I didn't have barbeque last night," he tells me. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. My husband is working the burn unit this month...came home with out showering and got right into our clean bed...
You can all tell him that he deserved what he got... and I have a good mind to turn him over to his mother. EEEWWWW!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blame it on the Beans!

I've never used the excuse like this before. But oh_my_heck, some thing crawled under my fridge and died...

Lets all remember that just 2 weeks ago I found a ferocious black plastic box in my attic (presumably filled with poison) with the bold font; RAT TRAP !

Granted, it was empty but the table had been set for disaster...

So back to the fridge. A few days after the attic incident we put the kids to bed for some alone time; just me, Nick, Ben&Jerry and the crew on HGTV's Divine Design. But upon opening the ice box our senses are overwhelmingly offended by the heinous odor that pours out of the refrigerator... complete with green fog and everything! For 2 weeks I searched on bended knee, masked by a BSA bandanna and hot orange dish gloves for the recently deceased. I cleaned every inch of our side-by-side. I pulled it out from the wall, checked the drip pan, flushed the hoses and ate every last left over just to be sure.

The odor filled our 1400 sq. foot home, hung in the air above me as I slept and followed me undefeated into the garage. I begged for help on the internet, at church and in play group...but not even the over night Tilex soaked sponge killed the fumes.

After talking to Haley today, I decided to give it one more go. It must have been her "good luck" that saved us (because arson is 5-10 yrs). I found it.

I promised everyone at play group a big fat rat (they will be so disappointed), but it was the only left overs that I'd missed. A little unassuming dish of black beans that had gassed up the container that exploded when I touched it. On cue: Nick said he knew those beans would give me gas one way or another. Thank you, dear.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dear Nana, Grama & Great Grandma Stowell

Dear Nana, Grama & Great Grandma Stowell,
I miss you all lots and lots. I love you so so so so so so much. I'm being nice today. I'm being kind to Savannah and playing Nutcracker with our Barbies. Savannah is a good Rat King. I am Claira because I wear the magic necklace.
Mommy is taking us to the children's hospital to have ice cream with daddy. If your house burns down you can live with us in the computer room and have ice cream too. I don't want to go to the gym tomorrow because it's Sunday. Mommy won't let daddy watch tv on Sunday. I'm a CTR now not a Sunbeam, so I can go to the bathroom by myself (*mommy insert: this really is not allowed!).
I drove the car yesterday in the parking lot. I pushed all the buttons and put my seat belt on.
I'm learning a new letter, S. (Lauren will now attempt to type the conclusion of this letter)

(8She has just discovered what happens when you hold a key down and that if you press the p key twice it would "make pee-pee")

Lauren (she typed her name all by herself)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Global Warming

It's January 8th and before breakfast we were all barefoot out on the deck. We set up the princess tent from cousin Caroline and had a little picnic.
That's right. It's a partly sunny 72 degrees here...and we're soaking it up!

Our "cat walk" on the deck. Savannah does have a model walk, turns on her heel and looks over her shoulder. We've just got to work on finding her an agent.

But who's hiring a plastic french fry eating, almost potty trained narcissist?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tennessee Snow

Our snow clothes (and accessories).
Snowball fight!

You want snow? I'll give you snow! We took the kids to the Adventure Science Center where we frolicked among the other locals in the fresh fallen plastic snow. Frosty has a shovel you put the snow into where it is sucked up a tube in the handle and spit into the air... festive, no?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hill-Billy for President

no thanks.

This is NOT sweet.

So yesterday was our second day potty training Savannah and apparently a bit premature to be taking her to the grocery store:

We went to Harris Teeter to get a few things I can't find anywhere else and amidst the delicate pastries and fresh baguettes I spot Savannah clenching her knees together. The mommy panic button has been pushed - I have absolutely NO idea which direction to run to the bathroom.

In my paused pose, I notice S has her hands behind her pulling on her pants...and out drops a little tootsie roll.

No one had even noticed us until she announces, "Mommy, I pooped!" My mortification must have shown because Lauren didn't say a word as I scooped up the poop with her donated sock. I left the buggy and ran for the exit (shouldn't they have bright flashing signs above the restrooms too)??
Our second attempt took place at our Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery store. I didn't even blot up the pee that time. I just ran.

Lauren is Savannah's biggest supporter. She cheers and does a victory dance every time S sits on the potty. I just love how they're "best fwinds for evew".
Okay, I have to say that the red towels are a mistake...but I don't have any pretty towels to hang in the guest bath room yet. I am open to ideas though. Anyone know where to find cute shower curtains?

She is just so proud of herself! Yippy, diaper free mommy!