Sunday, August 24, 2008

build-a-bear event

Nana took all the grand kids to Build-a-Bear Workshop for some real fun! For me it was like something out of Ripley's Believe It or Not! but the kids loved it.
First you pick out the emaciated skins of the animal you intend to adopt, love and keep for future generations.
A kitty for Lauren...

a bunny for Lilly...

and a puppy for Savannah! Savannah had a hard time touching her puppy at first. Who can help but wonder why with it's lifeless body and voice box wrapped in polyester. (That's right you can pick a sound generator to put in your pet, Nick vetoed my dino roar for S's puppy)

more poachers.

Waiting our turn (never fun).

All smiles as Rodrigo puts the "guts" in our animals by inserting a steel rod into their backs as their loose limbs dangled.

Everybody gets to use the foot pedal to help push the stuffing into the limp carcasses.

Rodrigo made us all spin around, jump on one foot, kiss our... until we fell over. Some kind of good luck gesture that will keep us from loosing the expensive accessories we'll inevitably buy for these resurrected creatures. If we could get a place that does that for real pets...

Once lifelike, you can 'wash' your beloved new friend with an air hose and community brushes. Nothing says I love you like sharing germs.

But aren't the smiles all worth one little contaminated bed and runny nose?

Nana splurged and treated all the born-agains to new outfits. Lauren my dress up queen believes this is what Mohamed meant when you find inner peace.

General George Washington as pictured above may look indecent with his bum in the air, but I can assure you that he is the most mild mannered creature and only 'bites' at Savannah's request.

And so I owe my mom once again for another early bed time and 8 hour stretch. Thank you for making all the girls dreams come true. You are our bestest most funky-lovey Nana!


dino putt putt

Sunday, August 10, 2008

virtual freebie

Deb, we share a green cause.

John, just wait...

Mom, ur the life of the party!

For the golfers. Thanks for the spa!

Sorry Ty, 3 days at the beach just won't do it. You and Lil can share this shirt ;)

Yes, Em this one iz 4 U

Aunt Kim - Jen and I will never be the same.

Cord Rocks

The YMCA changed my go babe!

Just got back from the beach after a blissful week of family time... so I got a few gifts to commemorate the moments. Beach pictures coming soon!


Jen recommended this book. I've actually given it away as a gift and never got past the first few chapters. So I got it to read at the beach and it got me to thinking...
How life is so sweet, how perspective really is everything.
How I love my family, friends and my faith.
Nick is my favorite person. He keeps life exciting and all my dreams in focus. I forget sometimes how well he knows me. I want to go draw on our bedroom walls now. Have you read this?


Just finished Stephenie Meyer's last book in the Twilight series. hmmm.
Must say I was less than satisfied, but don't know what I would have changed?
oh, the conflict.
I think I should write my own book.
riiight. :::raspberries:::