Saturday, December 20, 2008

Okay. Not so photogenic.
but there is a point...
Just after Savannah was born I spent several weeks with my parents in Idaho while Nick did a 6 week rotation away from home. While shopping with my mom I found these amazing Ecco shoes. I even remember the price. Mom bought them for me saying you couldn't put a price on good shoes. ...well of course not.
These shoes have really taken me places. Today they bring gratitude to my heart for the many people I've met and the blessing of a loving and attentive family. Especially my mother who always knows the solution to every problem (even if just in theory).
Mom, I still think about you every time I put on these shoes. Really. You continue to teach me, inspiring me to better myself and to look for the beauty in everything. As a girl, when I clicked across the floor of our Teakwood home in your church shoes, I couldn't have imagined a better fairy tale childhood than what you made for me. Thank you for the blessing of perspective and down right overly creative imagination. I love you.


Mrs. Cindy Hull said...

Ok. It's get everything. You are so sweet to say those things. Thank you.